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    • Automatic egg tray washer
    • Automatic egg tray washer
    • Automatic egg tray washer
    Automatic egg tray washerAutomatic egg tray washerAutomatic egg tray washer

    Automatic egg tray washer

    • Product description: Automatic egg tray washer-Automatic cleaning equipment for egg trays

    Overview of automatic egg tray cleaner:

    Egg tray cleaning machine is used for cleaning, sterilization treatment of egg tray automatic processing equipment, can replace a large number of labor, the automatic cleaning of egg tray.

    The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel with a theoretical design speed of 4000 pieces per hour. The cleaning medium used is water source with alkaline solution and high-temperature hot water, and the injection pressure is 1-1.5mpa. Chicken feathers, feces and dust attached to the egg carrier can be cleaned off. The machine is equipped with a filter device, which can filter out large impurities such as egg liquid and chicken feather. Secondary filtration (40 mesh) can ensure that the water source extracted by the pump does not contain large impurities. The water pump selected by the equipment is 304 stainless steel pump, which is resistant to the high temperature of 130 degrees Celsius. The cleaning effect is ensured while the service life of the water pump is guaranteed. The operation efficiency and service cycle of the whole machine are improved.

    Operation process of automatic egg tray cleaner:

    Manually put the stacked egg tray into the feeding port of the cleaning machine. The cleaning machine will automatically separate the egg tray and place it into the transfer part of the cleaning machine one by one. After the completion of this process, the high-pressure hot water cleaning process will be automatically entered. The high-pressure multi-stage centrifugal pump used in this work station, equipped with a sufficient majority of stainless steel nozzles, will be processed again on the tray, and other cleaning, water removal, air drying and other work stations will be arranged at the later work station according to the actual situation. After finishing the processing, the tray is automatically stacked up and put out by the conveyor belt to the discharge end, which can realize one person operation.

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