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    plastic container cleaning drying machine

    • Box/basket/tray drying machine
    • Box/basket/tray drying machine
    • Box/basket/tray drying machine
    • Box/basket/tray drying machine
    Box/basket/tray drying machineBox/basket/tray drying machineBox/basket/tray drying machineBox/basket/tray drying machine

    Box/basket/tray drying machine

    • Material:304 stainless steel
    • weight:about 900Kg
    • heating method:Electric
    • power:28Kw
    • Product description: This machine can dry the box/basket/tray after cleaning to remove moisture from the surface.

    Mainly used in food processing plants such as slaughter, meat, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, beverages, brewing, or food logistics centers, distribution centers, etc. It is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting various turnover baskets, trays, boxes, trays, etc. It can save up to 70% of water consumption. It can save 7-8 people compared with the old manual cleaning method. It is the ideal cleaning equipment for food processing factories or food logistics centers and distribution centers for slaughter, meat, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, beverages, brewing, etc. .

    The product is mainly composed of input, pre-wash, main cleaning, rinsing, and output parts;
    The use of standard combined cleaning systems is very flexible and can be combined according to the special requirements of the user;
    Reasonable waterway design to achieve efficient water saving, water consumption is only 500L / hour;
    The pre-washing tank and the main cleaning tank are provided with steam heating and temperature control devices to adjust the water temperature to achieve the best cleaning effect;
    The conveying device adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the conveying chain speed can be adjusted from 3 to 15 m/min to meet the cleaning requirements under different conditions;
    The main cleaning section has a swing nozzle cleaning system for optimum cleaning results;
    The conveying guide rod can be adjusted to suit a variety of different sizes of appliance cleaning;
    Large detachable panels on both sides of the tunnel for easy maintenance and cleaning;
    The whole machine is made of stainless steel;
    Use a nozzle that can be removed without any tools, and the direction is easy to adjust;
    The pre-washing and main cleaning parts are equipped with a filtering system, and the filter tank is easy to remove and easy to clean;
    Main technical parameters and characteristic indicators
    ★ Cleaning capacity: 500 pcs / hour ★ Water consumption: 500 L / h
    ★ Conveyor chain speed: 3-15 m/min ★ Transmission power: 0.75 KW
    ★ Total power: 14.12 KW ★ Dimensions: 5800×1500×1600mm
    ★ Through width: 610mm ★ In and out height: 950mm
    ★ Passing height: 300mm
    ★ Prewash unit
    ◇ Pre-wash pump: Power: 4KW △ Flow rate: 400 L/min △ Pressure: 3 kg/cm
    ★ Main cleaning unit
    ◇ Main cleaning pump: Power: 7.5KW △ Flow rate: 200L/min △ Pressure: 10 kg/cm
    ★ rinsing unit
    漂 Rinsing pump: Power: 1.5KW △ Flow rate: 8 L/min △ Pressure: 2 kg/cm

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